CIS Vision

At the Canadian International School – Amman, our goal is to graduate life-long learners and responsible global citizens who take pride in their heritage and aim to play an integral role in promoting peace and advancing their communities and the world. We aim to nurture students as principled, knowledgeable, lifelong learners with agile minds who communicate effectively with others and are caring and open minded. Our graduates will be focused on problem solving and look to the future in this complex, interconnected and fast-paced world.

CIS Mission

CIS is committed to providing quality education by creating a stimulating learning environment that supports students to meet high international standards. We have adopted a rigorous curriculum and we are committed to ensuring that all students are provided access and support through differentiated instruction.
We advocate a student-centered approach inside our classrooms and place emphasis on active and cooperative learning strategies.
Our focus on life skills ensures that our students practice ethical behavior, think critically to solve problems, and appreciate and respect varied perspectives on any issue by engaging them in inquiry-based, real-life learning experiences.
At CIS, we foster family-school partnerships by giving voice and choice to each community member to make valuable contributions.