Admissions Policy

The CIS Amman accepts the enrollment of new and qualified students in a professional manner, while maintaining the integrity of the school, the students and their families. We aim to ensure that prospective students and their families understand the CIS mission, philosophy and community. We also strive to give them a good initial understanding of the IB programs.


English Language Ability

English is the language of instruction in all grades, and to successfully be admitted to enroll in the IB programmes within a reasonable time and to thrive in our English-language learning environment are the guiding principles for admission to the school.

KG and Primary Program (PYP): In the PYP section, children are admitted regardless of their level of English language proficiency, providing there are no other additional learning needs.

Middle Program (MYP): Students entering Grades 6 – 10 must generally have sufficient competency in English in order to benefit from our IBMYP academic program. If we have any concern regarding an applicant’s ability to access the curriculum, we may administer a test and/or ask the applicant to attend school on a trial basis without obligation. We may also ask parents to provide supplementary English tutoring or shadow teacher at their own expense as a condition for admission.

*Successful completion of Grade 5 at CIS Amman gains the student admission into the IB Middle Years Programme.

Diploma Program (DP): We offer a challenging academic program in Grades 11- 12 that is geared toward students planning to go on to college or university in different areas and locations around the world. Applicants must therefore have a fairly high degree of competency in English and only Grade 11 students will be able to admit to this program.

*Successful completion of Grade 10 at CIS Amman gains the student admission into the IB Diploma Programme.

Students who are applying for admission to the CIS IB must meet the following requirements:

  • The parent completes an application form. (Application fee is non refundable.)
  • The parent completes a questionnaire explaining their interest in CIS School.
  • The student completes an English language writing piece, an Arabic language writing piece and a Math assessment. For MYP and DP, students are required to sit for an extra assessment, Science.
  • An interview with the parent and student is conducted. The School Principal, Academic Deputy Head and Program Coordinator conduct the interview.
  • KG prospective student and his/her family meet with the KG Head for interview, and the final decision is approved by the School Principal and is communicated to parents by the KG Personnel.
  • The parent and student meet with the Programme Coordinator for a brief orientation about the IB PYP/MYP/ DP programmes.
  • A teacher/school recommendation is required from the student’s current school.
  • A copy of the student’s school records and transcripts is required, including any standardized test scores.
  • Parents are required to sign a partnership pledge, indicating that they will be supportive participants in their child’s education and supportive of the school’s mission.

Learning Needs

We uphold the principles of a balanced education rooted in the firm belief in inclusion. Academic excellence is reflected in our philosophy of supporting and celebrating the diversity of learning needs within the school community. We endeavor to accommodate students with diverse learning needs to achieve their highest potential while celebrating their unique learning strengths and needs. Applicants with mild social/emotional issues, learning differences or other learning needs are referred to our learning support staff for review. Admissions decisions are made by the School Principal and Academic Deputy Head based on the recommendation of the learning support staff.

Please note that any learning needs or social/emotional, physical or behavioral issues must be fully disclosed and described in detail in the application for admission. Reports of professional assessments, along with details of extra support the applicant is receiving, must also be provided at the time of application. Failure to fully disclose such information at this time may result in revocation of admission or, if discovered after enrollment, may require withdrawal from school.

Acceptance of Admissions

Official admissions decisions are not made until all relevant documents are received and reviewed. Applicants are notified, after current families re-enroll. Applications are accepted throughout the year. CIS aims to admit students who we believe will seek to develop the attributes of the Learner Profile and global mindedness approaches. The number of acceptances will be determined on a space availability basis.

CIS does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, disability, national or ethnic origin.

Amendments to Admissions Policy

CIS reserves the right to amend the Admissions Policy at any time during the academic year and/or waive policy inclusions. Amendments to and waiving of policy inclusions requires the permission of the CIS Governing Body and School Principal.