Dear Parents/ Legal Guardians,

Welcome to the Canadian International School – Amman, The Primary Years Program (PYP) is the most recent of the IB programs and was adopted by the IB organization in 1997 to serve students ages 3 to 11. DP and MYP programs had at that time been in existence for several years. The PYP represents a combination of wide-ranging research and experience – best practices derived from a variety of national and independent schools from around the world. The philosophy is that student learning is best done when it is authentic – relevant to the “real” world; and transdisciplinary, which means that the learning is not confined within the boundaries of traditional subject areas but is supported and enriched by them.

Learning to teach through the PYP elements is a journey – not something that is taught in university studies and not something learned quickly. It takes approximately three years for a teacher to be able to truly understand all elements of the program and implement them seamlessly. Most teachers will attend multiple training sessions before they reach this point. We are extremely fortunate at CIS to have Tuesday early release days, which allow us to have regular, focused staff development. We are also fortunate to have authorized IB trainers on staff to assist with guiding the learning. In addition to the teachers we have chosen and trained through Canadian International School expectations, we also have hired several teachers with training and experience in IB from other educational institutions. Still, teachers in the IB program feel the pressure of a steep learning curve and the continued high expectations that are placed on them. We ask our parent body to understand that the program is highly complex and support our teachers in their journey.

At CIS, parents, students, teachers, and all stakeholders all represent the learning community, which takes part in the learning teaching process to deliver admirable education, and knowledgeable students.

In the PYP, students are motivated to become lifelong learners who think for themselves and reflect on their own learning through an inquiry-led approach. At CIS, we focus on the student’s identity and believe, we also encourage student’s agency, through giving students the authority for their learning.

Thank you and best wishes to you and your child for a productive school year!

Warm regards,

Nadia Alhindi

PYP Coordinator